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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Series 10 Online Course - Pass guarantee

Pass the Series 10 guaranteed.

No books required: PASS GUARANTEE - Monitored, Tutor Support. "No Pass No Pay"

New Questions Added!. This is a complete self study program. Our tests are usually 5 points more difficult than the actual exam.

Begin the Series 10 online here

Series 6 online course - PASS Guarantee on the real Series 6 exam

Our online course comes with a full pass guarantee and free access to private tutors to make sure you pass the Series 6 the first time.


Pass Guarantee Series 7 Course

Pass the Series 7 Guaranteed

Full Money Back Guarantee if you do not pass.


Monday, May 30, 2016

New Courses for Licensing: Series 57 - Series 22 - Series 17

Series 17 Course Training

Our Self-Study course includes Print Study Manual and Online Final Exams.

Series 22 Courses

Book and Online Exams

Our self-study courses allow you to learn on your own with the most up-to-date study materials, prep tests, and support services. You receive easy-to-understand study manuals and practice tests…

Series 57 Exam Training


Our self-study course includes our Print Study Manual and Online Final Exams. Exams can be taken using our Q&A method, receiving immediate feedback after each question and then in test mode to experience the actual exam.

Get these and all licensing courses at:

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Series 7 Sponsorship - Series 6 Series 24 Sponsor

We have Independent brokerage firms who will sponsor for the Series 7 exam, series 6 exam and Series 24.

Sponsorship is available for FINRA exams. American Investment Training can help.


Get the license you want and need.

Updated Series 7 Training Course - Full Package Licensing Course

Complete combination package to get your Series 7 License. Course includes:

Self-Study course includes Print Study Manual, Online Final Examinations, Online Flashcards and On-Demand Lecture. Examinations can be taken using our Q&A method, where you receive immediate feedback after each question, and then, in test mode, which simulates the Regulatory Examination. 

The Online Flashcards are available for 90 days from first use. The On-Demand Lecture provides you with the experience of a live class, but with the advantage of training as your schedule allows. The On-Demand Lecture is available for 90 days from first use.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Become a Stockbroker - Series 7 Sponsorship, Series 6 Sponsor

Get up with a Series 7 licensing - including sponsorship to sit for the exam. Opportunities to become an independent Broker or Financial Adviser

Series 7
Series 6
Series 24
Series 65
and more

Our firm can sponsor you for these exams.

Opportunities for CPA's, Attorneys, mortgage brokers or anyone looking for sponsorship and set up for these exams.

Email me with your situation and the state you live in.

aitbroker at gmail dot com

Thank You

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Futures and Commodities Licensing - Series 3 Training Course

Series 3 Book and Software Training Course

This is the complete Series 3 Book and CD Test Simulator combo course from American Investment Training. It is fully updated in it's 20th edition with "exam tough" practice questions and full study text.

Study Book with over 200 pages - over 500 Chapter and Final Exam questions with detailed Answers.
Two simulated Final Exams with complete explanations.
Computer CD Test Simulator - multiple chapter exams with explanation for each 10 chapters. 5 Final exams with explanations.The exam software contains additional Series 3 Practice questions. AND FREE tutorial help!

Series 3 Prep Course here

Sunday, May 1, 2016