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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Become a Registered Investment Adviser - Series 65

Most brokers are licensed Series 7 and Series 65, if they wish to earn commissions and fees for managing assets. The Series 65 or Series 66 (63/65 combo) allows for fee based income. It also gives the Rep a nice "title" of Registered Investment Adviser.

One of the big advantages with the Series 65 is the exam does not require sponsorship for a brokerage firm.  You can get this license BEFORE you apply for a position with a Company. That is a big advantage if you want to show some credentials on your resume.

Another Plus to having the Series 65 and becoming an Investment Adviser is you can use the license "passively". Meaning, you can work as an independent and split/share commissions with a licensed Series 7 broker. An example would be a CPA, Insurance Agent or other Professional with a Series 65 can refer clients to an outside broker and can legally split commissions on trades executed by the Series 7 Rep.

The exam is roughly half the size of the Series 7. A Series 65 course can be taken online through various formats with American Investment Training and their affiliates or you can study via hard cover books and software.

American Investment Training recommends 4-6 weeks of study and passing the practice exams that are given.

Like all FINRA licensing exams, if the test is failed the candidate or trainee must wait 30 days before re-taking the test. One of the formats is an online PASS GUARANTEE. The student is refunded if they fail the test. Practice exams are VERY accurate.


Where to take the Series 65 Test

All Broker - Adviser exams can be taken nationwide and globally daily at hundreds of testing centers. It's recommended that you study for the exam first before you schedule an exam date.

Books, Software and Classes are available for the Series 65 license. 

Investment Advisor Home Study Course - Fast Delivery or Online

Becoming an Investment Adviser is not as difficult as many might have thought. There are no college courses required beforehand.